Apple moves beyond iTunes...?

On both Twitter and our mailing list there's mention of Apple's purchase of LaLa, most recently a music sharing in-the-cloud (internet only) service. Here's a NYT article detailing the high points. I remember just a few years back when LaLa was a sort of kludgy (to my mind) way to pass along physical CDs you were tired of.

Is Microsoft starting a long slide down?

Daringfireball has a long but intensely interesting post detailing recent happenings and posing some surmises about Microsoft.
Such winners in the marketplace that Apple’s laptop sales went up last quarter, and the rest of the industry’s declined.

Macworld Expo report (from Pogue)

Thanks, Marcia, for the "heads up." NY Times tech writer David Pogue gives a run-down on the current Macworld Expo. A few highlights:
First: an updated iPhoto (a picture organizing/editing/sharing program). Like Google's Picasa (originally for Windows, now for Mac, too), iPhoto offers face recognition. But iPhoto actually knows *whose* faces are in your photos—and can automatically group your photos by the subjects in them.

Beijing Apple Store

A collection of the beautiful Beijing Apple Store. (Note was in Chinese so I'm making that assumption.) Hmm. If we're going alphabetic, "Boise" would maybe be next on the list...?(!)

Boise area Apple store in the future?

Thanks, Rik, for the post to our list. Looks like someone has sifted through and compiled a short list of significant points from the 2008 Apple shareholder meeting and one item of interest is that "Apple is looking at Idaho, Wyoming, and other more sparsely populated states to identify suitable locations for Apple Stores."

Leopard is coming Oct. 26th

Mark, from local Boise Mac resource MacAnswers, posts this alert from MacWorld online. AAAAAAAAAAA! (contain the excitement, if you can!) -Cheryl

Windows Vista...?

Now that it's on the shelves, it's time for another review of Windows Vista.

VIsta is an OS X copy...?

In the "cool things pointed out on our mailing list" category, Rik sends us to Pogue's NYT blog, and in particular, the link in first paragraph (which goes to Pogue's little movie). I mean, I guess nothing matters but selling Windows licenses. If you need to copy your competitor to have something to sell, so be it. {sigh} But on an entirely peppy happy note, you can listen to "I Love My iPod (the song)".