Welcome to the new Boise Mac User's Group webiste. We're still settling in and things will be changing a bit as we go.

December 2012 Meeting

 Join us for the last meeting to be held at the Meridian Fuddruckers. In addition to the traditional holiday cheer and raffle there will be a discussion of the options for meeting locations to kick off 2013. So come one and all to see what fun things from eBooks to tshirts and Apple Store gift cards are in store on a cold (almost) winter's eve.

Recap of April 2012 meeting

 Recap from Kevin:

User group meeting April 11, 2012

 Join us in April to find out the latest on Apple's new products. The new iPad will have been in folks hands for several weeks. See what folks think and get some great tips on how to make the best use of new technology.
Join us April 11th at 7PM at the Fuddruckers on Eagle Road.

December Boise Macs Meeting

Join us for our December meeting at Fuddruckers in Meridian.

Our annual holiday gathering will feature many give-aways including rumors of some gift cards for the local Apple Store, e-books and great software titles as well as some secret vintage Apple collectables.

April 13th Meeting Recap

Greetings Members,
Wednesday night we held the April Boise Mac User Group Meeting. Of those in attendance many brought their iPad. As such the meeting moved in that direction.

As a presidency we decided it would be a good idea to purchase an iPad dock connector for future presentations. The cost was $39.99 plus tax. The connection worked great with only one of the iPad Apps on my iPad not want to work, which was the MLB At-Bat 2011 App. This was disappointing to me, but not so much to the group.

March 9 Meeting

Join us Wednesday, March 9 for our monthly meeting at the Meridian Fuddruckers!

- See iPhoto in action. Learn how to manage, distribute and create projects using iPhoto

- We will summarize the latest news from Apple.

- There will be time for Questions and Answers.

See you this Wednesday evening.


January 12 Meeting

Many of you received an Apple TV for Christmas. The big question: How do I get DVD content from the DVD, to my Computer, and then to the Apple TV?

Come learn how to make that happen at our January 12 meeting.

We will get an overview of how to transmit media from your Computer to the new Apple TV

We will see demos and short "how-to" presentations for:

- Mac-The-Ripper
- Toast
- RipIt
- HandBrake

These are the applications that rip (copy) DVD Audio/Video content to your computer.

And, we will again have a raffle!

Boise Mac User Group January Meeting

We have been talking about the value and operation of your home network. Now it's time to put that network to work for you!

Did Santa bring you an AppleTV for Christmas? Join us this week to learn how to move your DVDs to your network. We will learn how to:
- rip (copy) DVDs to your Mac
- push movies from your iPod/iPhone/iPad/Mac to an AppleTV
- use the AppleTV to retrieve content from the network and play on your TV

Plus some give aways for members and non members.

January 12th @ Fuddruckers in Meridian at 7:00PM

December 8th Meeting

Greetings Boise Macs,

The Wednesday December 8th meeting is rapidly approaching, so plan on attending and taking part in the raffle, social time and Filemaker presentation.

There have been emails from a few of the members that indicated yes and no on the White Elephant gift exchange, so to that end, If you wish to participate, by all means bring a gift (Please keep it under $10).

July 14th Meeting

Greetings Boise Mac User Group,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Independence Day.

This month I thought is would be nice to take a step back and structure the meeting around the members. Therefor for the July meeting I thought it would be nice to have a question and answer session, but also include tips and cool stuff found. With that please bring any and all questions. If you want a demonstration on programs such as iMovie, iPhoto, iWork, iTunes or any iThing this will be a good chance for you to get the help of fellow members.